Portrait + Lifestyle Photo Sessions



Imagine what it would be like to have framed artwork of your family actually hanging on the walls of your home? Imagine 10 years from now snuggling with your child looking and turning the pages of an album of printed photos laughing and remembering those moments. If you are like 99% of everyone else your memories are buried in your hard drive, clogging your phone, and making brief appearances on Facebook What happens when your hard drive goes bonky or your phone quits working? And 30 years from now you are asked….. So Mom, what exactly was Facebook? And why aren’t there any photos of me?  MOM!!!

I can take care of that for you. Besides wonderful images, I will then make sure you have archival products. I do the printing myself on archival fine art paper and each image is placed in a mat. Products may include a wall collection of images, an album, or an archival box of matted fine art prints. All these will last a lifetime and more. Enjoy them now and pass them on….You will not regret it. And your children will thank you for it. Guaranteed!


How it works?

• you look over the website, you like what you see….
• so you contact me
• we talk via phone or I can pay a visit to your home
• we talk about what to expect, what your expectations are and go over products and pricing
• we do the session
• I come back to your home and show you all your images
• I then help you decide which images and which products best fit your needs. This is the time when you order those products.
• your artwork is delivered!



A session usually lasts around 2 hours. It can be at your home or a location of your choice. The session cost is $200. Clients usually spend an additional $800 to 2 million dollars (one can always dream) on products and prints. Please note that digital files are not included in the session fee. Please contact me for more information and to set up an appointment.

Call me at 607.280.7265

e-mail me at julie@prisloephotography.com